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We say NO to bullying

We are committed to providing an educational environment where students feel valued, safe and secure. We believe all members of the community have the right to a learning and work environment free from intimidation, humiliation and bullying. 

View our school's Anti-bullying Policy for more information.

At St Johns Park High School students are expected to:

  • Respect other students, their teachers, school staff and community members
  • Follow our school rules and directions of their teachers
  • Strive for the highest standard in learning
  • Show courtesy to all students, teachers and community members
  • Resolve conflict respectfully, calmly and fairly
  • Respect all property
  • Not be violent or bring prohibited substances to school
  • Not bully, harrass, intimidate or discriminate against anyone in our school

Bullying takes many forms, but there are 3 common things:

  • it is deliberate and often repeated
  • it intends to cause fear, distress, hurt or harm
  • is action by a more powerful individual or group over a less powerful individual or group

Schools exist in a society where incidents of bullying behaviours may occur. It is the responsibility of everyone - students, staff, parents and the wider community to report bullying.

Resources and information about anti-bullying strategies for students, parents and educators can be found at the Department of Education Anti-Bullying website.

The NSW Department of Education Bullying of Students - Prevention and Response Policy can be found at the Deparment of Education Policy Library.

View our Anti-bullying Procedures for more information, here.

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