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Student Representatives Council (SRC)

Tomorrow's leaders, today

The Student Representative Council (SRC) at St Johns Park High School respresents the students, promotes their views and allows for active student participation in decision making.   

The SRC supports and promotes a wide range of issues that affect young people and the community. While the SRC raises funds for numerous charities, it is not the primary focus of this leadership team. The SRC at St Johns Park High School is:

  • Educational - Students develop skills in leadership and communication
  • Democratic - Ensuring every student has a voice
  • Responsible - Solving real world problems and making real decisions
  • Sharing - Students share responsibilities and participate in decision making with the school community
  • Caring - Students care about our school and what happens in it and to it
  • Fun and Rewarding - Students experience enjoyment through successful participation

The SRC proudly promotes inclusivity by organising the St Johns Park High School annual Multicultural day.

View the video of our 2023 event below.