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Project Based Learning

St Johns Park High School - Leaders in Project Based Learning

St Johns Park High School is committed to innovation and contemporary pedagogies.

Project Based Learning (PBL) is an approach to teaching and learning that engages students in rich and authentic learning experiences. It focuses on active, student directed learning and encourages students to face complex challenges. PBL connects students and our school with communities locally and globally. It is transformative for teachers and students.

The key elements of Project Based Learning

  • Challenging problem or question
  • Sustained inquiry
  • Authentic collaboration with an external agency
  • Application of new learning contexts and incorporation of emerging technologies
  • Student voice and choice
  • Peer critique
  • A public exhibition of their work and learning journey 

Year 7 - Can science save the world?

Year 7 Science students research their own scientific topics following a talk from our partner and expert from Western Sydney University Dr Roland Gamsjaeger. Some investigations included - Can we really create Jurassic Park?, Why do we sneeze? and Can we stop the aging process?

View our 2018 exhibition.

Year 10 - Geography bridge the gap

Year 10 Geography students raise awareness of the challenging experiences faced by our most disadvantaged groups in society. This encourages our students to be conscientious, global citizens by advocating for human rights. The project is supported by Woodville Alliance and Youth Action.

View our 2018 exhibition.

Year 10 - Foodtastic magazines

Year 10 Food Technology students present 'Foodtastic', an innovative and immersive learning program to support our local food community. Students create high quality magazines that include tried and tested recipes and food photography. This project was supported by Stockland Wetherill Park - Kinchin Lane.

View our 2018 exhibition.

Year 8 - Mathematics visually wired

Year 8 Mathematics students under the topic "Data representation and interpretation" present a variety of infographics. Students work collaboratively to create visual representations of data or knowledge to present complex information and statistics quickly and clearly.

View our 2018 student projects.

Year 9 - Science organ donation

Year 9 Sciencestudents raise awareness of the challenges and experiences faced but people needing an organ replacement. Students research the function and structure of their chosen organ and present a campaign to raise awareness in our community. Students are supported by Donate Life NSW.

View our 2018 exhibition.

Year 10 -  PDHPE focus on mental wellbeing

Year 10 PDHPE PBL asks students "How can I keep my mental health at its best?" to drive greater understanding of mental wellbeing and fitness. This project partners with South Western Sydney Local Health District's Mental Wellbeing Promotions Team.

View our 2020 Hook Event.


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