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Transition program

Working with students to achieve their goals

Our transition advisors work closely with the Head Teacher Careers and Senior Pathways to support students plan their transition from school.

The Career and Transition Team is responsible for the overall coordination, delivery and facilitation of career and transition support for students. This includes connecting young people with quality career and transition provision beyond school. At St Johns Park High School, there are 2 transition advisers that aim to:

  • Develop good connections with students in order to provide consultation, tuition, mentoring and advocacy
  • Support students to be actively engaged in their learning
  • Create and strengthen new and existing partnerships between the school, industry and outside agencies
  • Promote effective communication strategies between school, employers and local community
  • Be a true and consistent source of support for students to overcome adversity
  • Seek local solutions through specialised community support for students
  • Translate personal learning plans into plans of action

In collaboration with the student, family and any other stakeholders, a personalised program of career and transition support is developed and delivered individually by a Transition Advisor. 

Careers and student pathways

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Vocational Education and Training (VET)

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