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Support services

Creating a caring and personalised environment where all our students achieve their best

School Counsellors

Our school counsellors have special training in psychology and counselling to help students and their families in a variety of ways including:

  • Counselling students
  • Assessing students’ learning and behaviour
  • Assisting schools to identify and address disabilities that affect students’ learning
  • Liaising with other agencies concerned with the well-being of students
  • Assisting parents or carers to make informed decisions about their child’s education

School counsellors are members of schools’ welfare and learning and support teams.

Reasons for seeing our counsellor may include worrying about school work, conflict with friends, being in trouble at school or just feeling “down”.

School counselling is a confidential service. Students may seek self-referral to the school counsellor at any time by presenting to the school counsellor office, or by asking for a referral by their teacher or Year Advisor.

Our school counselors have put together a collection of support resources for students to use. Please click and view the attachment for more information about support services.

Art Therapy

At St Johns Park High School, student wellbeing services are supported two days per week by an onsite qualified Art Therapist. A student may be referred to participate in Art Therapy or may self-refer and participation involves individual sessions. Art Therapy uses the creative process of art making to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of students. It offers students the opportunity to express and explore feelings, thoughts and concerns that are sometimes too difficult to put into words in a safe, creative and supportive space. Through these sessions, students are able to process and problem solve issues and concerns that may be hindering engagement, learning and development.

Speech Pathology

St Johns Park High School employs speech language pathologists to maximise students’ access, participation
and achievement of competencies in literacy, numeracy and key learning areas. Speech language therapy services support students’ educational outcomes by focusing on the essential foundation areas of language, speech, voice, fluency and oro-motor functioning, where these impact on learning. Speech pathologists also assist students with their social and emotional learning and help students to learn to use language with different people and in different situations. 

Behavioural Therapy

St Johns Park High School employs a Behavioural Therapist to support students and young adults with behaviours of concern that may be associated with communication difficulties, trauma, sensory needs, social skills development or disability. 

The Behavioural Therapist works with whole class groups, small groups of students or individuals.

Student Support Officer

Our school has a full time Student Support Officer (SSO). Their role is to work within the school community to enhance the learning and wellbeing outcomes of students, in partnership with the Wellbeing team and School Counselling service.

The SSO works with individual and small groups of students, and connects students with community programs.


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