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Year 7 Camp

As part of the Wellbeing program at St Johns Park High School, Year 7 students participate in an Outdoor Education Experience. The Year 7 Camp is a great way for students to make invaluable connections with their fellow classmates. The program is stimulating and offers a range of interesting and challenging activities designed to build resilience, team work and friendships. Students are encouraged to move beyond their comfort zone and experience the reward of achievement. Through challenge, at both a personal and team level, students enhanced their self-esteem and confidence, improved communication skills and developed a greater sense of community with peers and teachers.


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Student Leadership 

The SRC, HOUSE and PR student leadership camp is an opportunity for students to bond, gain confidence and build leadership skills. Students participate in both indoor and outdoor activities such as participating in enjoyable but challenging team sports and team building activities lead by the School Captains and Prefects. During the camp, student leaders also work together to brainstorm and plan their events for the year. This allows students to project manage whilst developing their creativity and collaboration skills. The leadership camp aims to build student self-esteem and communications skills whilst developing productive relations and rapport with students from different year groups.


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Life Ready Program 

Our Year 11 students participate in an intensive three day camp as part of the mandatory 25 hour Life Ready Program. The aim of the camp is to challenge students to face physical and mental tasks that they are unlikely to experience at school, in a supportive and safe environment. The program helps to build student resilience, self-confidence and encourage them to form new friendships. Students develop the skills to empower them to take positive action to develop healthy, respectful relationships and transition confidently to post school independence and participation in the community.


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Special Education

Our Special Education students have the opportunity to attend an overnight camp. The camp is designed to provide a range of diverse learning outcomes for students and develop movement skills, increased confidence, interpersonal and relationship skills.


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Australian Institute of Sport

Students involved in the Gifted Athletics Program have the opportunity to attend a 3 day Camp to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Canberra. The camp is strategically timed to coincide with the Lansdowne zone Athletics Carnival to assist with the preparation for the event.

At the camp students engage with current athletes, University Lecturers and expert Coaches to train and develop their skills and knowledge in Athletics. The Camp also provides students with information on health and fitness careers as well as future sporting pathways for professional athletes.


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Seaworld H.O.T.E.L School

Year 12 Hospitality students are provided with the opportunity to participate in the H.O.T.E.L School program to help them prepare for future success. At Sea World Resort H.O.T.E.L School, students will get to experience first-hand operations and skills required to work in an award winning four star hotel environment. Students engage in interactive learning sessions and perform practical skills whilst gaining a sound knowledge and understanding of hotel operations. Students expand their knowledge base with applied duties in key departments such as Housekeeping, Front Office, Concierge, Food and Beverage including both preparation and service and Hotel Maintenance Department. H.O.T.E.L School is part of Seaworld Resort located on the Gold Coast in Queensland.


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