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Accelerated Mathematics

Nurturing student learning and personal growth in Mathematics

Students who have an ongoing interest, are intuitive about numbers and are curious about patterns and problem solving are welcome to enquire about our exceptional Accelerated Mathematics program.

The Accelerated Program in Mathematics is for students who are Gifted and Talented in Mathematics. This program demands commitment from parents and students for three continuous years. Students will complete the Record of School Achievement (ROSA) in Mathematics, Preliminary High School Certificate and the High School Certificate (HSC) in Mathematics under a modified time frame.

How the program works:

  • In Year 9, students will work to complete the ROSA in Mathematics
  • In Year 10, students commence the Preliminary HSC in Mathematics and Extension 1. This will be completed by the conclusion of Term 3, Year 10
  • The HSC (Year 12 equivalent) begins in Term 4 of Year 10 
  • The remainder of the HSC course is completed in Year 11 with students sitting the exam in October  


What are the benefits to studying Accelerated Mathematics?

  • Provides students an opportunity to indulge their passion for Mathematics
  • Early completion of the Mathematics program for Record of School Achievement (RoSA) and HSC credentials
  • Greater flexibility in Year 12 for students to devote time to other HSC subjects
  • Students develop organisational skills, build perseverence, confidence and time management skills

Hear from our students:

“The Accelerated program has been a great experience that allows brilliant minds to excel in Mathematics.”

“We have the privilege to sit for the HSC Mathamatics Exam in Year 11 which allows us more time to study for other subjects in Year 12.”

“We can extend our knowledge and learn things that the other students don’t get to experience." 

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